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AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting - October 23-24, 2021

The AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting will take place on October 23-24, 2021, it was originally planned to be held at UNM, but it will be a virtual meeting. The in-person meeting was moved to Fall 2023.  Despite our fears our department and neighboring departments stepped up and we will have 24 special sessions.   Eight of these special sessions are (co)organized by a cross-section of our faculty. Featuring themes from Statistical Modeling and Design; Mathematics and Modeling of Phylogenetic Networks; Turbulence, Singularities, and Non-linear Waves in Water Waves, Physics and Plasmas; Theoretical and Applied perspectives in Machine Learning;  to Commutative Ring Theory; Harmonic Analysis and Applications; Geometry and Geometric Analysis; and Extremal Polynomials. In addition there will be 16 other very interesting sessions, in particular a session in Combinatorics and Optimization organized by an alumni in Memory of Roger Entringer and Reuben Hersh, emeriti Professors who passed last year.  

Thank you to all the organizers and looking forward to a great event for our community!