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Dr. James Degnan
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM  87131
Office: SMLC 342
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E-Mail: jamdeg@unm.edu

Education Information :

PhD, University of New Mexico, 2005

Software links :

COAL files (unzip and type "make" at a linux/Mac OS X prompt. I've had trouble running this on Mac recently.)

hybrid-Lambda (by Sha Zhu, replaces COAL functionality for simulating gene trees in species trees, plus allows simulating in hybridization networks and/or Lambda-coalescent models)

Paper for hybrid-Lambda

hybrid-coal (by Sha Zhu, replaces COAL functionality for computing gene tree probabilities in species trees or species networks)

Teaching Schedule:

Spring, 2016: Math 129: Math and Music

Notes (updated 5/6/16)


Rhythm pyramid

Homework 1, due 1/29/2016

Homework 2, due 2/10/2016

Homework 3, due 2/22/2016

Homework 4, due 3/11/2016

Homework 5, due 4/1/2016

Practice Test 2

Practice Test for final

Spring, 2016: STAT474/574: Biostatistics


Week 1 notes

Week 2 notes

Week 3 notes

Week 4 notes

  Data: small.txt 

Week 5 notes

Week 6 notes

Week 6 notes continued

Practice Test 1 (link fixed I hope)

Practice Test 1 solutions

Week 8 notes

leukemia data

Week 9 notes

recidivism data

Homework 3, due 4/8/2016

Week 10 notes

Week 11 notes

Practice Test 2

Practice Test 2 solutions

Week 12/13 notes

Note: no class Friday 4/22 due to the Albuquerque Chapter meeting in Sante Fe

Week 14 notes

Week 15 notes

population structure notes

homework 5

Fall, 2014, STAT434/STAT534: Contingency Tables, TR 12:30

Previous courses:

Summer 2014, MCTP: coalescent R tutorial, Biology notes, Probability notes, align565.txt, temptrees.txt, drift.r, wf.r, data.zip (includes alignment files)

Spring 2014: STAT579, Statistics in Genetics, TR 9:30, ASM-1064


My research focuses on statistical applications in genetics and evolutionary biology. Particular areas have included coalescent theory and its applications, phylogenetics, and human genetics.


Current Students at University of New Mexico

Ayed Alanzi, PhD student

Mina Lee, MS student

Huan Jiang, PhD student

Former Students at University of Canterbury

Joe Zhu, Phd, 2013 (postdoc at Oxford Univeristy)

Sam Ramsay, Summer student, 2012-2013

Fiona Morrison, Honours, 2011

James Cho, Summer scholarship, 2010-2011

Yuancheng Wang, MS, 2010 (PhD student, Massey University, New Zealand)

Joe Zhu, Summer scholarship, 2009-2010 (PhD student, University of Canterbury)

Joe Zhu, Honours, 2009


Book Chapters

2010. JH Degnan. Probabilities of gene trees with intraspecific sampling given a species tree. LL Knowles and LS Kubatko (eds), Estimating Species Trees: Practical and Theoretical Aspects. Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 53-78. ISBN 0470526858

Refereed Conference Proceedings

2013. JH Degnan. Evaluating variations on the STAR algorithm for relative efficiency and sample sizes needed to reconstruct species trees. Pacific Symposium in Biocomputing 18:262-272

Journal articles

2015. JH Degnan, JA Rhodes. There are no caterpillars in a wicked forest. Theoretical Population Biology 105, 17-23.

2015. S Zhu, JH Degnan, SJ Goldstien, B Eldon. Hybrid-Lambda: simulation of multiple merger and Kingman gene genealogies in species networks and species trees. BMC Bioinformatics 16, 292

2014. M DeGiorgio and JH Degnan. Robustness to divergence time underestimation when inferring species trees from estimated gene trees. Systematic Biology 63: 66-82.

2013. JH Degnan. Anomalous unrooted gene trees. Systematic Biology 62:574-590. doi:10.1093/sysbio/syt023 Supplemental files

2013. ES Allman, JH Degnan, JA Rhodes. Species tree inference by the STAR method and its generalizations. J. Computational Biology 20: 50-61. doi:10.1089/cmb.2012.0101.

2012. JH Degnan, NA Rosenberg, T Stadler. A characterization of the set of species trees that produce anomalous ranked gene trees. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 9:1558-1568

2012. T Stadler, JH Degnan. A polynomial time algorithm for calculating the probability of a ranked gene tree given a species tree. Algorithms for Molecular Biology 7:7 arXiv:1203.0204

2012. B Eldon, JH Degnan. Multiple merger gene genealogies in two species: monophyly, paraphyly, and polyphyly for two examples of Lambda coalescents. Theoretical Population Biology 82:117-130, doi:10.1016/j/tpb.2012.05.001

2012. Y Yu, JH Degnan, L Nakhleh. The probability of a gene tree topology within a phylogenetic network with applications to hybridization detection. PLoS Genetics 8:e1002660

2012. JH Degnan, NA Rosenberg, T Stadler. The probability distribution of ranked gene trees on a species tree. Mathematical Biosciences 235: 45-55

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2011. ES Allman, JH Degnan, JA Rhodes. Determining species tree topologies from clade probabilities under the coalescent. Determining species tree topologies from clade probabilities under the coalescent. J. Theoretical Biology 289:96-106.

2011. Y Wang and JH Degnan. Performance of matrix represenation with parsimony for inferring species trees from gene trees. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Volume 10: Issue 1, Article 21

2011. Y Yu, C Than, JH Degnan, L Nakhleh. Coalescent histories on phylogenetic networks and detection of hybridization despite incomplete lineage sorting. Systematic Biology 60:138-149.

2011. S Zhu, JH Degnan, and M Steel. Clades, clans and reciprocal monophyly under neutral evolutionary models. Theoretical Population Biology 79:220-227 arXiv:1101.1311

2011. ES Allman, JH Degnan, JA Rhodes. Identifying the rooted species tree from the distribution of unrooted gene trees under the coalescent. J. Mathematical Biology 62: 833-862[arXiv:0912.4472]

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2010. NA Rosenberg and JH Degnan. Coalescent histories for discordant gene trees and species trees. Theoretical Population Biology 77: 145-151

2010. M DeGiorgio and JH Degnan. Fast and consistent estimation of species trees using supermatrix rooted triples. Molecular Biology and Evolution 27(3):552-569. [author's preprint with supplement, 1.1MB]

2009. JH Degnan and NA Rosenberg. Gene tree discordance, phylogenetic inference, and the multispecies coalescent. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 24:332-340.

2009. JH Degnan, M DeGiorgio, D Bryant, and NA Rosenberg. Properties of consensus methods for inferring species trees from gene trees. Systematic Biology 58:35-54.

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2007. K Schneiter, JH Degnan, C Corcoran, X Xu, N Laird. EFBAT: exact family-based association tests. BMC Genetics. 8:86. [software link]

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2005. JH Degnan and LA Salter. Gene tree distributions under the coalescent process. Evolution 59:24-37.[software link]

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