UNM Statistics Consulting Clinic

Note: Winter break

The Statistics Consulting Clinic is closed during the winter break, from 12/7/14 through 1/11/15. Any requests made on or after 12/1/14 may be postponed until next semester.

Statistics Consulting Clinic

The Statistics Consulting Clinic (SCC) is an internal statistical consulting service of The University of New Mexico. Staffed by statistics faculty and advanced statistics graduate students from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the service is offered without charge to faculty, staff, and student clients at UNM in support of their academic research and other statistical needs. The goals of the SCC are to promote scientific collaboration between disciplines, enhance the quality of research at UNM, and improve the education of UNM students. This service is funded by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

How the SCC adds value

The SCC helps with more than the analysis, offering service for every step of a project, including:

  1. Problem Formulation
  2. Experimental Design and Sample-Size Determination
  3. Selection of Statistical Models
  4. Advice on Statistical Modeling and Help with Interpreting Output
  5. Advice on Choice of Statistical Software
  6. Programming Assistance with Statistical Analysis
  7. Explanation of Statistical Content of Papers in Your Discipline
  8. Paragraphs on `Statistical Methods' for Grant Proposals
  9. Help with Reviewer's Comments and Resubmissions


A typical consulting experience follows these steps, and may iterate several times.

  1. Complete a request for statistical assistance.
  2. A consultant will typically contact you by email or phone within 24 hours.
  3. An appointment will be set in the clinic office where you'll help the consultant understand your problem, questions, and data.
  4. The consultant may be able to provide immediate help, or may need to do some research to provide a better solution.
  5. A follow-up meeting is typical as, together, you both converge on a strategy that best helps to answer your questions.
  6. Note: The SCC staff should not be regarded as research assistants. Our role is to help choose appropriate methods and help enable you to produce your results (tables, plots, etc.) yourself. Do not expect SCC staff to produce results for you. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

Statistical Software

SCC staff are available to answer questions concerning statistical packages, and have access to R, SAS, SPSS, Minitab, and others. Please understand that the number of software packages and variety of platforms are many and we cannot possibly be experts on everything. Even so, we will endeavor to answer questions regarding your particular software needs.

Contacts and Hours
  • Location: SMLC 358
  • Hours: By appointment by making a request via the link at the top of the page
  • Email: clinic@stat.unm.edu (goes to director)
  • Consultant: John Pesko is a PhD Candidate in Statistics.
  • Director: Prof. Erik Erhardt is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathmatics and Statistics, UNM.